IoT Business Council

The Internet of Things isn’t really a new concept, but it is something that’s becoming more relevant today. The inter-connectivity of devices, vehicles, buildings etc to gather more accurate data for use in development, manufacturing and marketing while also enhancing the users experience. Whether it’s a good thing or not, it’s clearly going to be huge!

The idea of the Business Council was to create a place for creators and investors of new technology to come together to enable discussion, share ideas and find opportunities for businesses.

The brief was to create an identity, website and taster video that successfully communicates the idea of the IoT in a more engaging and surprising way than anything previously tried.

The idea was to take elements of old and new technology and combine them with organic things such as people, brains, animals etc to create a sort of symbiotic montage. Taking a strong influence from Terry Gilliam the style uses a montage of photography, hand drawing and 3D elements to create the overall look and feel.

Style: 2.5D Motion Graphics, mixed media (image, drawings, 3D)
Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, C4D, After Effects, Premier